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About Us


  • To share knowledge and promote understanding of the beliefs and practices of different faiths and the importance of spiritual aspects of life.
  • To contribute to a more understanding and tolerant community by building bridges between people of different faiths and showing the wider public the contributions faith communities make to society.
  • To work together in harmony and friendship, with respect for the distinctiveness of different beliefs and traditions.
  • To work in partnership with other organisations, on issues of concern to faith communities.
  • We engage with statutory bodies to address issues of local concern for Faith Communities.
  • We address issues about religious or racial prejudice, also when we believe that national and international incidents such as terrorism, or some other atrocities, may impact in some way, on our local communities. We respond appropriately, through public statements and by networking through local media and through these communities, to encourage measured responses.
  • We facilitate events to bring communities together and also to engage area management from Statutory Bodies, with their local area’s Faith Communities.
  • We hold annual programmes of events for members and guests. This includes bringing together members and the wider communities, by providing a safe space for healthy discussion about current Faith topics and social concern, which may be impacting on our local communities.
Nottingham Inter Faith Council and One Nottingham

Nottingham’s Faiths Forum was formed in 2009 to provide all faiths with a voice, through the elected Faith’s Advocate member, to the City Council’s One Nottingham Board. Also to support the work of the Advocate in their role as Board member. Nottingham Inter Faith Council is a founding member of this Forum, which is open to representation from any Faith community within the City of Nottingham.

Nottingham Inter Faith Council and Nottingham Trent University Faith

Nottingham Inter Faith has also recently been working with NTU Faith and their student Faith Advocates. NTU Faith celebrates different beliefs in Nottingham and supports students, staff and the local community to engage, explore and reflect, respecting the views and values of all people.

Our beloved founding member, long standing supporter, true humanist and a champion of compassion, Richard Hawthorne, passed away on 23 April 2018. He served on the committee for many years and was active in organising events, displays and undertaking many other jobs to assist in smooth running of NIFC. He is deeply missed. His passion and vision will always motivate and guide us to work for a better tomorrow.

Come and join us

The great majority of our events are open to all but we are pleased when people wish to join us as members and associate themselves with our aims.

Membership is open to any individuals and organisations in Nottinghamshire who agree with our aims. That includes faith groups and places of worship, their members, and people with no faith of their own who are interested in knowing more. No-one will try to convert you ! The emphasis is on learning about each others’ ideas and ways of life, and finding ways to work together while respecting the distinctiveness of different traditions.

Please contact us for further information.