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Faith and Belief Training.

We provide training on Faith and Belief, to raise awareness about how it may impact in the workplace and the wider community.
Who has already benefitted from this training? Frontline organisations, such as Police, Ambulance and Environmental Agencies. Other Service providers, such as statutory bodies; ie, City and Borough Councils, and Youth Service. Employees of Businesses, Colleges, Industrial Chaplains, Faith communities and the voluntary sector, including providers of voluntary services.

We are accredited as a training supplier to Nottingham City Council. We can also organise and facilitate seminars for Communities and other groups, to explore aspects of Religion and Belief. This training is delivered to delegates, initially through a half day session of around three hours. The programme is led by one of our facilitators, who is supported by local members from some of the five larger world religions. It takes the form of a Power point presentation, which includes the following:

We can also provide more advanced sessions, as a second stage and beyond.

We also provide speakers for schools, either as groups of speakers presenting their faiths or as a panel for a question and answer session.
Please note that because of cuts in funding from local councils, we are looking for donations to help us to provide an ongoing service.

All sessions can be tailored to the particular needs of your organisation.
For more information, please contact us at